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Treatment of Excessive Hands Sweating

Treatment of excessive hands sweating was not always easy. Initially, doctors used botulinum toxin injected in the hands, which could inhibit sweating for several weeks. The biggest drawback of this method is its extremely high price, which stems from the need to use really large amounts of this neurotoxin and the need to apply it every few weeks. Not speaking of the intense pain (there can be even several dozens of injections into your palms).

Find out how to finally eliminate excessive hands sweating.

The next development in the history of removing excessive hands sweating were special surgeries performed under general anaesthesia called thoracic sympathectomy. This surgery involves removal of a cluster of nerves near the spine, which are responsible for transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the sweat glands. Over time, unfortunately, it was revealed that in such treated patients so called compensatory sweating occurs after about six months. This means that these patients started to sweat with the same intensity but at a different place. As a result, thoracic sympathectomy only moves sweating from the hands mostly to the back, abdomen , chest, genitals, or buttocks. Not surprisingly, this method has not been used very much recently.

Find out how to finally eliminate excessive hands sweating.

Recently, however, a new solution was discovered which outmatches all the above methods and which allows the people suffering from excessive hands sweating to have a normal life once again. This solution is called Electro Antiperspirant, and it can stop excessive hands sweating within a few days with the effects lasting for several months on a single application.

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